40 Sq.ft Kiosk For Sale in We Heights at Bahria Oriental Garden Islamabad

Investing in prime commercial property in Islamabad can be very lucrative for an investor. Looking at the hike every investor in Islamabad is receiving from commercial real estate. It has been very motivating for every other person who has the potential and admiration to make the most of their existing financial portfolio.

40 Sq. Ft Kiosk for Sale in We Heights

We Heights is a high rise commercial and residential project in Bahria Oriental Garden Islamabad. It has 3 floors dedicated for commercial purposes. However, commercial floors have multiple commercial options including shops and kiosks. Additionally, the kiosk sizes start from 40 square feet. If you are interested in starting multiple businesses in the prime location, these kiosks provide the perfect space to start up your businesses. So, you can take advantage of this chance. Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate size of the kiosk.

But Why We Heights?

We’ll, We Heights has successfully proven itself in terms of growth. Be it any aspect, this project has managed to stand out of the crowd and attract the attention of every investor. Where they can achieve their desired profit goal.

One of the basic reasons to invest in buying kiosks in We Heights is its prime location. The project is located in the heart of capital city Islamabad. It is only 5 minutes drive from the main G.T road Islamabad. Also, its busiest neighborhood will get the investors higher customer’s footfall. Secondly, the prices of kiosks at We Heights are very affordable. The price of a 40 square feet kiosk is 20 lacs only. However, you can book it by just paying a 25% down payment.

 Also, we are going to talk about a few other benefits of owning a Kiosk in We Heights and why it is a must for the current times.

Better appreciation value:

One of the best and solid reasons for buying a 40 square feet kiosk in We Heights is the appreciation you can receive from it. Due to its remarkable location investors will receive a good amount of inflation on the price compared to what they’ve paid while acquiring the property. Similarly, they will receive immense profit even if they give their kiosk on rent.

Good quality tenants:

If you’re looking to buy your kiosk on rent. Then, there are better chances in this area to come across good quality tenants compared to other areas of the city. There will be better options, reputed names who will be in search of prime kiosk spaces to establish their business setups. Hence, your property can be the one to receive highlights and unlimited benefits and profits from them.

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Better rental income:

With a kiosk in We Heights, you can easily receive 8 to 10% of financial returns annually. If your kiosk size is bigger, then the profit would be even double the price.

About the Developer:

This Project ‘’We Heights’’ is being developed by We Rise Group of Companies. A well-known real estate identity of Pakistan. Further, it holds expertise in developing Prime & A-Grade commercial and residential projects that match the international standards of living and construction.

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