50 Sq.ft Kiosk for Sale in We Heights Bahria Oriental Garden Islamabad

Commercial real estate is catching a presence in the market space between the investors and business class. If you are one of them you can read along to know which property is hot and not in a prime location like Islamabad.

However, while browsing the best commercial property list in Islamabad, you’ll find We Heights at top. And you will be amazed by its best affordable rates. The kiosks (food stalls) prices at We Heights are matching the cutthroat price in the real estate market.

Here is explanatory information about We Heights’ kiosks. If you are aiming for commercial space under affordable prices, this is your chance to take advantage of collaborations with luxurious and prime commercial property in Islamabad.

We Heights in Bahria Oriental Garden Islamabad is administered by the We Rise GOC under reasonable prices. The prospect behind the project is to provide affordable business spaces. You can book this property immediately, while the payment will be paid in 2-year. However, this exclusive commercial property is for sale in Bahria Oriental Garden Islamabad starting from Rs. 20 Lacs only.

Kiosk Sizes at We Heights:

With 40 sq.ft. as the minimum size of the commercial Kiosks for sale in We Heights. The project has a series of kiosk sizes for sale like none other with unparalleled and unique designs. The price of a 50 square feet kiosk at We Heights is PKR 25 lacs only. However, if you make upfront payment, you can avail 25,000 monthly rentals till possession. Moreover, this amazing project is around 1.7 Kanal large in total.


Buying a kiosk at We Heights will let you Join a retail environment that provides a “shop local” experience! We Heights has available retail spaces for retailers who are looking to provide their customers with unique experiences.

As well as We Heights is located where investment value increases day by day is the new favorite of investors. The project will be one of the most vibrant shopping and living addresses in the region. Besides shopping it offers you a unique culinary culture with its taste points. So, this project is a very special address for a unique investment as well as an excellent shopping and living center. Due to its architecture, great location, and privileges that will add to your life.

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Business Suitability:

Lastly, the Kiosks at We Heights are an opportunity for small businesses, entrepreneurs, designers. And for artisans to build their brand and sell their merchandise all within their very own storefront. It’s the idyllic opportunity to bring products and services. As well as it is a great concept to a built-in audience that can see all you have to offer. This 50-square-foot space is awaiting your merchandise!

Amenities Included:

  • Utilities
  • Maintenance
  • Exposure on website
  • Wi-Fi Access

so , if you are interested in buying a kiosk at We Heights, you can directly visit our Website www.weheights.com and book your unit. 

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