65 Sq.ft Kiosk for Sale in We Heights Bahria Oriental Garden Islamabad

We Heights is a two towering multipurpose building at Bahria Oriental Garden Islamabad. It offers both commercial and commercial investment opportunities to the general folk. Here, we will talk about We Heights’s retail kiosks in specific that are ready for sale. People can effortlessly reach here from different famous locations of Islamabad. The surroundings of the project make sure a serene and peaceful environment. Yet, its intimacy with top-notch Bahria Oriental Garden is a feature in its cap; the vigilant investors understand it well.

Kiosk for Sale in We Heights:

The state-of-the-art We Heights is selling its Kiosks like hot cakes as it offers kiosks of diverse measurements and asking prices. It is so, because of friendly payment plans on the part of the management. The period of installments is three years, and the payment plan is quite flexible. The kiosk of 65 sq. ft is available on the ground floor, having economic costs of 32.5 Lac. Anyhow, We Rise Group of Companies, the leading developers of this project, has been unveiling a special discount offer on full payment of the property. If someone opts for an installment package, he will pay a 25% down payment in the beginning.

Reasons to Buy Kiosk in We Heights:

We Heights is a first-class apartment project soon going to be an inhabited place. Buying kiosks for sale in We Heights is highly profitable to start your own successful business and earn handsome rent. You can buy these kiosks (commercial space) to start a small retail business of your choice.

Moreover, once these kiosks are available, you can rent them out for a regular income. Also, potential investors can invest in them to resale it later. Overall, buying in the kiosks of 65 sq ft of We Heights is profitable in many ways.

Attractions/ in the Heart of Islamabad:

We Heights is ideally located at Bahria Oriental Garden which is known as the heart of Islamabad. Five minutes away from main G.T road Islamabad.

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Owners and Developers:

We Heights is a product of We Rise Group of Companies, a well-established realtor in the Islamabad real estate market.

Two of its projects are ongoing including We Heights. The second project is at Balkasar Chakwal named We Rise Farms. Moreover, these projects are being marketed by We Rise Estate and We Rise Market. So, you can go to their websites for more details.

High Return on Investment:

“High Return on Investment” are investor’s favorite words. Recall that we mentioned earlier that We Heights kiosks are being offered affordable rates. If you purchase your kiosk now, you will see an exponential increase in the value of your property once the project is constructed.

Moreover, because of the prime location of the project. It is located in the Business District in Bahria Oriental Garden, and the amenities it provides, the We Heights will surely see a surge in its price which you can take lead of while reselling your property.

If you are interested in booking your kiosk in We Heights, get in touch with the official marketers.

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