Elevate Your Lifestyle: We Heights Exquisite 1 and 2 Bed Apartments

Records show that the Capital City Islamabad attracts more visitors annually than any other city in Pakistan. Islamabad is able to attract these many visitors because the city is a business City.  And at the same time has got many tourist attractions, many iconic landmarks. And also many places of interest to many tourists.

Residential Property:

Further the demand for residential property also increased. And buying a residential property has become a good investment option in Islamabad. Moreover, the landlords are making good profits with the increase in demand for properties. The price appreciation of the property gives much better return than any other investment option. Apart from this, the landowners also enjoy a good rental income. With the increase in demand for 1,2 Bed Apartments.

Many reputed developers have invested a lot of money on various projects. We can see a number of new properties being developed all over the country. We Heights is one of the examples of top-notch projects of Islamabad. It comes with many luxury amenities and top features. In addition to this, 1,2 Bed luxury Apartments are being offered by we heights in the heart of the city.

We Heights:

It is a 10-storey building of mixed (commercial + residential) floors. Further, the project is located in the heart of the capital city at Bahria Oriental Garden Islamabad. Moreover, the area of the project is 1.7 Kanals. It offers spacious shops, cafes and 1,2 Bed Apartments and 2 beds with a drawing room. 


  • 1 Bed Apartments.
  • 2 Bed Apartments.
  • 2 Bed Apartments with Drawing Room.

The beautifully planned and comfortable luxury Apartments at the We Heights come with recreational facilities. They are upscale and urban. They match up to the lavishlessness of the luxury royal living that will give you a heaven-on-earth feeling. As well as it will add value to real estate investment in Islamabad. They will also have VIP membership to the amenities of the building. Besides, every individual Apartment will enjoy its own stilt parking space.

Booking of these 1,2 Bed Apartments in We Heights starts from a 25% down payment. The remaining amount can be paid within 36 monthly flexible payment plans. However, in case of upfront payment the buyers can 10 per discount as well as 1% monthly rental. Certainly, these are reasonably priced and fully facilitated apartments. You can choose for investment and living purposes in Islamabad. Once the development completes, the prices will surge by 40% to 50%. Therefore, buying these apartments will assuredly benefit you.

Constant Source of Financial Security:

The process of making real estate in Bahria Oriental Garden Islamabad becomes much cooler. When you know that it is going to be a continuous source of financial security. Additionally, these apartments here will be properly managed and maintained by the We Rise Group. With classic aesthetics and contemporary amenities. And it will literally be listed as the best dwelling in Bahria Oriental Garden Islamabad. Modern, regal, and nature-kissed! ‘perfect’ is the perfect word to sum up the apartments at We Heights!

So, if you are thinking of buying 1,2 Bed Apartments in Islamabad. We Heights will ease your procedure and facilitate your decision!

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REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT – Bahria Oriental Garden Islamabad:

As We Height owns the most prestigious location of the capital city at Bahria Oriental Garden Islamabad. Which is the finest example of luxury living in the city. History has witnessed that real estate investment in Islamabad never defaulted. Specifically, Bahria Oriental Garden Islamabad always rewards higher profits.

If you are planning to buy 1,2 bed apartments. We Height, you can directly reach us from the website www.weheights.com. As well as you can also visit us through our main page at www.werisegoc.com.

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