Current Housing Real Estate Trend in Pakistan 2023

The real estate business is at peak in Pakistan. However, the country is facing a severe economic calamity. Progress in the real estate sector in the country is mixed. Many local and foreign investors are willing to invest in Pakistan. But at the same time, political crises also require accurate calculations. Further, the report shows that the Pakistan real estate market will grow by 30% in five years.

A recent World Bank report shows that the real estate industry is the second-largest job after agriculture. And Pakistan’s future and development are hidden in the real estate market.

If we talk about the housing real estate of Pakistan. It’s been trending for the past decade. Moreover, the growing demand for low-cost housing is in high demand. And it results in an increase in gated communities and housing projects.

Additionally, with a large number of population growth in Pakistan. The need for a gated community has become a necessity. Along with that, the gated communities are a popular choice for buyers when it comes to safety.

Many housing projects were launched in the year 2023. And many housing projects are passing through rapid development stages. In large cities Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad many prominent housing societies are underway. Additionally, these ventures aim to provide international standard lifestyles, prime locations, affordability, and extravagance amenities. As well as these projects are creating various investment and employment opportunities.

Again, the cities like Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Islamabad are in high demand. This is due to high population density and diverse economic opportunities. So, you can invest in the best real estate projects in these cities. They will reward you with an unexpectedly higher return on investment.

Upcoming Real Estate Projects in Pakistan 2023:

A number of significant real estate developments have begun as of 2023 in Pakistan. Bahria Town Karachi is one of them. In terms of residence and business, Islamabad is also a prosperous city. Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension is one of the ideal opportunities for the housing investors. DHA Peshawar is also a newly launched housing project which is gaining popularity with both domestic and international buyers and investors.

Most Popular Housing Real Estate Trends in Pakistan 2023:

There are certain housing real estate types in Pakistan that are noteworthy. One is of course gated communities.

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Gated Communities:

The comfort, security and peace people feel in gated communities make them a popular choice. Another aspect of rise in gated communities’ demand is its expected 2.3% growth in 2023. So, this is mainly to the growing demand for affordable homes and foreign investments.


The apartment trend is also increasing largely in Pakistan. Many developers are launching high rise apartment buildings in major cities. People are preferring apartment living because they are more convenient, comfortable and affordable.


Well, if you are the type of person who prioritizes space, independence and privacy. Then a house in Pakistan will be the best option for you. As a home is a lot more than just a place where you can live self-reliantly.

Ask From We Rise Expert:

According to the We Rise analysis report on real estate. The housing real estate market is facing a downfall during July 2023. Our expert recommends this is the best time to invest in real estate.

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