Which Real Estate Development Offers the Best Rental Yield in Islamabad?

The city of dreams, Islamabad, is among the best places to invest in property. Though it is ill-famed for its small accommodations, the rent here is quite high. Posh localities in the city such as Bahria Oriental Garden, Bahria Town and DHA are known to burn a sizeable hole in the tenant’s pocket. Moreover, the price for a two-bedroom apartment can go up to 50 thousand a month while the owner of a fully furnished 2 BHK can likely demand up to 2 lakh lakhs per month.

That’s why we can say, the real estate market of Islamabad and Rawalpindi is quite lively in providing returns on investment. Mostly People in the Twin Cities are intended to invest in the real estate developments to get rental income from their properties. In simple terms Pakistanis are interested in making a steady income source.

 If we talk about the current real estate developments, they are offering lucrative opportunities. We Heights is one of them. It is a 10th storey building being constructed in Bahria Oriental Garden Islamabad. It is offering the following investment options to the investors to generate higher rental yields:


There are a variety of commercial shops in We Heights. The 1st three floors of the development are specifically reserved for the shops. Where the investors can get good rental income. The importance of owning a shop at We Heights is undeniable for steady income due to its unbeatable location. They provide the security that the investor is looking for. As well as buying a shop at We Heights will gain more traction. As many renowned brands within Pakistan and abroad will be under the same floor. And, as a result you are going to get paid a good amount of rental income.

Hence, this is going to safeguard the investor’s money.


Islamabad and Rawalpindi residents were not previously into getting apartments in such prime locations at this affordable price. Further, the prices of real estate are going up day by day. In such a situation, an apartment seems to be a feasible option. Most of the people prefer living in the apartment instead of buying homes. The developers are also giving priority to the high-rise buildings. And offering luxurious living at an affordable rate.

However, buying an apartment at We Heights can assure you healthy monthly rentals. In other words, the owners can get good rental income from serviced apartments. Although the apartments have lower rents compared to renting a house. But the demand for apartment living is always high. So, you can make it a permanent source of income.

Further, apartments at We Heights are providing separate servant quarters.  As well as they will provide dedicated car parking. And, the most attractive feature of investing in We Heights ‘apartment is, the owner will get free-membership of the Golf Club. that means, investment in we Heights is going to be noteworthy.

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Best Investment Option:

The other factors which are considered to get higher rental yields can be legal considerations. The proposed value of the project. And the level of investment that the investor is eager to take. All these points are considered to provide greater yield in the end. Must consider the above factors before deciding about any investment.

Also, if you are looking for the best option to invest in rental property. Then go for the We Heights. It meets all your requirements. Here, you can expect superb returns in the times to come.

Lastly, we hope this information has given you useful ideas for real estate investment in Islamabad. You can explore more related to the project and other investment concerns. Leave us an email at werisegoc@gmail.com, or visit our office. We will help you get the best available option to earn higher monthly rentals.

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